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January 2020
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Top 5 local bars in Siena

Home > News > Top 5 local bars in Siena
Postata il: 15 February 2017

Siena makes you immediately think to the ruby color of Chianti wine and to the landscapes punctuated by rows of vineyards, typical of this part of Tuscany.
In addition to the historical wine cellars, a must for those who want to taste the best Sienese products, there are many places where to go drinking, recommended especially after a day spent doing sightseeing: visiting churches, admiring monuments, discovering museums and be fascinated by the history of the town of Palio.

After suggesting where to have an aperitif in Siena, we picked 5 cocktail bars and pubs to spend the evening, these venues are all within walking distance from our hotel and are the most popular among Sienese people.

Al Cambio

If you like bars with a modern design where you can choose many kinds of drinks, Al Cambio is the most suitable proposal. It’s located at Via Pantaneto 48 and often hosts concerts and DJ sets. This cocktail bar is popular among university students and is an excellent choice both for appetizers and late-night drinks. Contacts: +39 3398177044.

Bar Il Palio

This is one of the most popular bars in town, where everyone go for a quick break or to enjoy the view of Piazza del Campo, sitting at one of the outdoor tables.
It’s a bar that serves coffee, cocktails, beers and wines; furthermore, here you can attend art exhibitions and meetings. Celebrate the magic mood of Siena with a toast in the heart of the historic center! Contacts: +39 577 282 055.

Le Tre Rane

Le Tre Rane is a wine bar and a restaurant, open for lunch and dinner, is a small but very cozy venue.

People come here to have an aperitif with finger food and sparkling wine, or to enjoy their favorite wine and delight their own palate with creative dishes that revisit the Tuscan tradition.
Le Tre Rane is located at Via di Stalloreggi 22 and often features live music concerts and themed DJ sets. Contacts: 0577-284887.

La Diana

La Diana is one of the best pubs in Siena and boasts a colorful interior design and a wide menu with craft beers.
We suggest tasting the local craft beers, such as the white beer Didone, the saison Barbariccia or the Indian pale ale Megera.
La Diana often organizes events, so even this brewery is truly fitting for your evenings in Siena.
The address is Via della Stufasecca 1, you can contact the pub calling the phone number 0577-222241.

Blandis Cafè & Wine Bar

The Blandis Cafè & Wine Bar, at Via Esterna di Fontebranda 50/52, has quickly become a landmark for those who like top quality cocktails. Open until 8:00 pm, it’s a wine bar and cafeteria with tasty appetizers and customized cocktails. The café features a minimalist style, but at the same time is a very welcoming place.

We recommend to have a look at the events organized by Blandis Cafè, because the staff collaborates with other local venues in Fontebranda area offering touring events: for example, after an aperitif at Blandis from 6 pm to 8 pm, you can continue having a dinner at Enoteca Sotto Le Fonti and sipping a cocktail at Cricca – Che Chicca from 10:00 pm onwards, accompanied by musical selections of DJs.

Organize your next trip to Siena, you can go every night in a different pub and toast with your favorite cocktail in a medieval city that continues its renovation.


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