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Slow tourism in Monteriggioni, the wonders of eco travel

Home > News > Slow tourism in Monteriggioni, the wonders of eco travel
Postata il: 13 June 2014

You can begin a trip without changing anything, or maybe something happens during the journey or at the end? This question relates to all kinds of travels and Siena is the ideal place where to understand the need of an authentic nature trail, regenerating and educational at the same time.

We live in a very fast-paced world and we are not aware about the well-being that only the slow tourism can give, an increasing trend opposite to “hit and run” tourism.

To live an eco-friendly travel experience, including engaging events and meetings with other travelers, hikers and wanderers, we suggest joining a unique festival in Monteriggioni.

In June takes place the Festival of Viandanza, a good opportunity to visit the medieval village of Monteriggioni and explore on foot or by bike the surroundings: all the events are held in Piazza Roma and in the gardens of the village, Monteriggioni is easily reachable from Siena because is only 14 kilometers far and is located just along the legendary Francigena Road.

The Festival is scheduled from 20th to 22nd June, the topic is “On the road to change”; to entice you we have selected some activities suitable to all: on Friday at 4:00 pm there will be the meeting with three authors of books about “Slow Travel”, Alberto Fiorin, Luca Gianotti and Luigi Naccarato, at 7:00 pm you can discover the amazing story of Massimo Baccarin e Jessica Labrador Fernandez, two pilgrims who made a journey on foot of 2800 km, finished with their own wedding on the beach of Finisterre, in Spain.

At 11:30 pm you can join a night walk with Italo Bertolasi (walker, writer, expert of the East and shaman culture), a unique event to get closer to the summer solstice.

Saturday 21st at 3:00 pm there will be a conference entitled “Towards the nomad Republic” by the famous writer Antonio Moresco, who is involved in projects dedicated to meditation and the importance of the word; at 9:30 pm is scheduled the show “The amazing journey of the beautiful Alatiel and other short stories” by David Riondino and Paolo Ceccarelli on guitar.

On Sunday 22nd you can try Nordic walking activity, suitable to everyone, ideal for staying in shape while on vacation; furthermore, some events are planned for the entire duration of the festival and are recommended if you are traveling with children.

These events are: Ludonkey, a corner dedicated to the games of the past, the Gioco dell’Asinoca, or the ancient board game in a funny “mule version”, funny outdoor activities to do together with Massimo Montanari, experienced educator and author of fairy tales and nursery rhymes.

In Monteriggioni you can also rent bikes (regular and electric) to enjoy the green landscaper at your own pace. This is the magic mood of the village, helping travelers to find the right balance between fun, relaxation and discovery of nature; choose an eco-friendly holiday near Siena, you’ll be surprised by what you can offer.

The official website of the festival is

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