If you are taking a holiday in Tuscany, you obviously already know a bit about the rich architectural and artistic heritage of the region. What we can offer is an insight into some of the “off the beaten track” treasures in and around Siena.


From the hotel, you are only a short walk from the Duomo and Piazza del Campo ─ two landmarks that are must-sees during a holiday in Tuscany and close by the masterpieces of Duccio and Lorenzetti.

General information regarding museum hours, rates and reservations can be obtained at the Front Desk.

Approximately 40 minutes from the heart of Chianti, Montalcino and Montepulciano, Siena is ideal location for a wine holiday in Tuscany.

A variety of tasting and touring options are available. If you choose to drive yourself, it is recommended that you consult a guidebook or touring website ─ many wineries require an advance reservation or special notice. But we do have special relationships with a number of tour operators which range in price and itinerary: personal tours with one-on-one interaction with the winemakers themselves are an exclusive luxury that we can help to facilitate for our discerning guests.

For the intrepid traveller in search of a more physical holiday in Tuscany, walking, bicycle and even horseback tours through Chianti and other surrounding regions can be organized with the assistance of our concierge staff.

Queries about itineraries and travel options should be directed to the Front Desk. Our knowledgeable staff is always happy to contribute to the richness of your holiday in Tuscany.

Palazzo Ravizza

Palazzo Ravizza - Hotel in Siena