Palazzo Ravizza – a family hotel in Siena Italy

The Palazzo Ravizza hotel in Siena, Italy is a great choice for a family holiday. There are luxurious rooms suitable for four people, many with views of the hotel garden.v

If you choose a suite, there is also sitting room. This is a great place to relax together as a family, if you don’t want to use the common areas of the hotel.

Siena, Italy is a beautiful region and ideal if your family enjoys exploring picturesque countryside. Our friendly staff will be happy to help arrange bicycle tours of the surrounding area, which includes some of the most stunning scenery in Italy.

Many visitors to the hotel in Siena, Italy come to experience the local art, cuisine, music and culture. As the Palazzo Ravizza hotel hosts many concerts and other events, this can be a great choice if you want to introduce your children to other cultures. The hotel is also within walking distance from the Duomo and the Piazza del Campo, two of the most important cultural landmarks in Siena.

The Il Capriccio restaurant uses only the finest and freshest local produce, including vegetables grown in the hotel garden. This means a family holiday in the Palazzo Ravizza hotel can develop your children’s palate.

No visit to the Palazzo Ravizza hotel in Siena, Italy is complete without exploring the wonderful hotel gardens. Your children are sure to enjoy learning about the various plants and herbs grown in the gardens.

Whatever ages your children may be, the Palazzo Ravizza is an excellent choice for a luxury family holiday.

Palazzo Ravizza

Pian dei Mantellini 34
I - 53100 Siena
Tel. +39 0577 280462
Fax. +39 0577 221597

Palazzo Ravizza

Palazzo Ravizza - Family Hotel in the Historical Center of Siena