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Historical significance, spectacular aesthetics and great service have made Palazzo Ravizza one of the standard-bearers among Siena hotels in Italy. Our goal is to make our guests feel as if they are being transported to a different era without sacrificing any of the comfort, convenience or services you would expect from a modern luxury hotel.

A priceless heirloom of Siena, Italy, Siena Palazzo Ravizza hotel reflects the identity and importance of the region, evident in the guests that it attracts and the high standards of hospitality it maintains.

Throughout its long history, the hotel has been a favourite of influential writers, artists, musicians and aristocrats; it was also a safe haven for the persecuted during the Second World War. To know about its heritage is to fall in love with something even more profound than the incomparable aesthetic beauty of the hotel.

Italy welcomes travellers from around the world, many of whom come to Palazzo Ravizza, a romantic accommodation in Siena. Here you can experience the vibrancy of local art, music, and culture from the bright perspective of our international staff. Hosting concerts and community events, Palazzo Ravizza is more than simply a hotel − it is an integral part of this beautiful, ancient city.

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Palazzo Ravizza

Pian dei Mantellini 34
I - 53100 Siena
Tel. +39 0577 280462
Fax. +39 0577 221597

Palazzo Ravizza

Hotel Palazzo Ravizza - Charming Accommodation in the historical center of Siena